naomi athena sacred valley

One of my teachers shared a very good teaching about birth and what we can learn from birth translates to life. The teaching is this. Give Space. To allow that which is natural to happen. To give space and Trust Peoples inner wisdom. This is the path of the midwife, to trust that life is moving in a sacred way and if you create a sacred space for people, people will naturally come back into a place of inner knowing and will eventually begin to hear the whisper of spirit in their ear. I devote my path to creating a safe and sacred space for Healing and Remembrance to take place. Whether it be in a class, a gathering, a workshop, a theater performance, a ceremony, or on my table. We are all children of the Great spirit. We all need healing and We all have medicine to offer the world, we sometimes just need the space, the silence, the sound that will help us birth it into existence.

Iraku. For All our Relations

Naomi Athena

naomi athena sacred valley life is a ceremony


Life is a Ceremony