My name is Naomi : ) I am a woman on a path devoted to the Great Love. The Great Mystery guiding me across continents learning indigenous wisdom, ceremony, and the quiet teachings in the silence. Listening to the stories of my ancestors and doing my best to follow the guidance and trust the process as it all unfolds. I have been studying shamanism and traditional forms healing in north and south america for the past 9 years, and have put in countless study on this journey that has taught me to believe in miracles, and more than anything,  that love and non judgement is one of the greatest medicines that the human spirit needs to thrive. Among other things I am an artist,  a singer, Doula,  writer, a walker of the lands, an aspiring herbalist, community organizer, and coach. I am a Mother of two beautiful children and a wife to a good man.  I am a lover of ceremony, ritual, and magic. And I am fully in love with humanity and am a believer in our great potential….

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in whatever ways i can,  on this journey called life….   :  )

A little more of my story

Around 10 years ago, my brother Daniel become mentally ill, in trying to “save” him, we flew down south to see our father in Venezuela  Our Fathers side is Indigenous to the Amazon Region and there we worked with a shaman  who told us to take Daniel to the hospital for treatment. Among other things, like telling my sister she needed to get her driver’s licence. He told me i needed to find a teacher to study with and that he knew I could see the other world and had suffered with the so-called “gift” of sight my whole life because I had no one to guide me. He also said I needed to enroll myself in school for singing and would be able to heal people with my voice.  I had no idea what this all meant, but This felt like a huge relief, as I had learnt to keep my “visions” to myself all through my childhood and had no idea how to really channel and use this sight that was, honestly, at many times quite terrifying. The part about going to singing school, I was quite positive he had made a mistake. Upon Return to Canada, within a week I met a beautiful medicine woman who grounded me into wisdom of the earth, traditional ceremonies, sweat lodges, rites of passage and unconditional love. I worked with her for years until it was time to move on.  I traveled to Peru for the first time to work with the Plant Medicines. I knew upon my first ceremony in the Amazon that this was a major part of my path to come. The first time I heard the Shipibo sing, I understood that it actually was possible to heal through music and sound. This was also around the time that I met my partner who was an incredible sound healer and had studied music and sound since childhood. I have since spent the last years studying and training in this ancient practice of traditional healing and genuinely working to heal myself in the process. A road less traveled, one that I would not call easy, but one that has filled my cup and created more joy than I could have imagined.

I offered my hands to the fire. My spit and tobacco to the earth, and my body to the birth of my children. And So with great respect and honor I offer in what ways I can to you or anyone who feels called to come and share this journey with me.

And so my prayers continue on. May we all come back to the heartbeat of the great mother, may she guide us, heal us and teach us how to walk as whole human beings again. And may the change in the world begin with ourselves.


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Life is a Ceremony