Changing Woman Ceremony

Changing Woman -October 5th 2013   11am-4or5pm3

It is a hopi ceremony passed from my midwifery teacher, who served as a traditional midwife for the community. Every year the women of the tribe, all in their different ages and stages, would gather and invite the changing woman into their lives. They would offer up the things that they wanted to leave behind, and offer up the things in their lives that they wanted to flourish or change. The woman would all witness and hold each other up so that changing woman could come and bring change into their lives for the better. This is a magical ceremony and believe me when i say i have reaped the benefits of Changing Woman.We had a beautiful changing woman ceremony last year and now it is that time again to welcome her back into our lives. The morning we will share in yoga, Dance and Songs, Wet Felting Wool with Hannah Ranger, and Grandmother Francine will share some teachings on the Rites of Passage of Woman. Women are encouraged to bring birth stories, medicine stories or just a good joke! Wet Felting Dream Pouches! This is a divine practice and we are so blessed to have the lovely Hannah be with us and guide us through the spiritual lineage of wet felting connected to Mongolia. A practice that was always done in community and to music. We will felt little moon pouches for ourselves which we will fill with mugwort, a dreaming plant. Allowing these beautiful pouches to be infused with the love from the day, holding our dreams as we pass through the sleepy winter.

what to bring

Every Woman is to bring a gift of something meaningful for giveaway. This will then be placed on the giveaway altar for another women during the ceremony. It can be small or big,It can be simple or extravagant, but it needs to be something that is meaningful to you and that you are a little bit attached to. Be prepared to share the story and symbol behind the gift.

Intentions of what it is that you want changing woman to bring into your life. What you want to let go of and what you want to call in.  Be prepared to share this with the group. You can be as specific or vague as you like. Once changing woman has begun NO SMALL TALK allowed : ) During eating and breaks, we ask that women do not engage in too much small talk. If you want to talk and connect with sister please be mindful of what you are talking about and that it really come from your heart,  as all this influences the energy of ceremony. There is some good hopi food for thought in this one. : )  I personally am really bad for this especially seeing old friends and want to catch up. So we will have some designated to remind us. Or we can just go outside. : )

Warm Clothes incase you want to sit outside by the fire at the end of the night or go for a walk , Food to Share for a late Lunch ,Non Judgement and an Open Heart

Please arrive 15 minutes early, as we will try to start on time to make sure we have enough time for the day.

Ayni (quechua for exchange of energy) 35-40$ donation for the day or some form of offering and energy exchange

Where  The loving lake house( my home) in the woods of Wakefield area.

Please feel free to Pass this on to any women that you feel would benefit from this. All are welcome.  RSVP soon if you plan on coming as we are already filling up quick.

Magical Summer Events for MAY and JUNE

Ecstatic Dance: Masks
May 24

Exploring through movement the masks we wear. The Beautiful and the Ugly. Touching on tones of the ancient practice of the mask as a way to dive deep into Spirit, the mask representing a journey into the other world.

Surround Circle Yoga   — 8-10

Raven and the Light Tree
May 25

A sound Journey to crystal bowls, gongs, flute and enchanting voice led by Jeremy Sills and Naomi Athena              Free Concert -Yoga and Tea                      

Ecstatic Dance: The Creative Force:
May 31

Our movement practice devoted to awakening and listening to our creative self.
Surround Circle Yoga–8-10

Manifesting Magic Festival
June 7, 8, 9

Ecstatic Dance and Barefoot Boogie Community present:
Exploring our Evolving selves through the power of Dance
June 14

A Wild Night Of Dancing, With mini workshops through the night: Contact Dance. Yoga Dance. Movement Meditation. Elemental Dance and More! Exploring our Evolving selves through the power of Dance.Yummy Green Smoothies, Gluten Free Treats and Chocolate. Community Altar and much more. Chrichton Cultural Community Center 7-11

Pranashanti Yoga Summer Solstice Celebration
June 21 

A night of Ritual, Sound and Dance— Details coming soon.

Summer Solstice in the Woods Gathering
June 22

Raven and the Light tree CD Release and Dance Party
We will be celebrating the beauty of Summer Solstice out in the Wakefield Area. Come feel the sun on your back, jump in the lake and enjoy the powerful energy of Solstice. Beginning with a sound meditation, a sacred fire ritual and a dance party into the night.This will also be the CD release of our first albulm as Raven in the light tree. (aka Jeremy sills and Naomi Athena) Its going to be amazing!!!
please RSVP


ECSTATIC DANCE: standing waves – with Naomi Athena & JAMS 19/04/2013

Ecstatic Dance: Standing Waves

Standing Waves- A term used in the study of Harmonics :A vibration of a system in which some particular points remain fixed while others between them vibrate with the maximum amplitude. This creates a state of resonance. A state of Harmony.Just because something doesn’t appear to be moving doesn’t mean it’s not moving. Life is in motion.

When we can focus our attention to notice the hidden parts of ourselves, the still parts of us, the crazy parts, the ugly parts, the beautiful parts, the creative majestic parts of ourselves to be in a space of free movement, to ride the wave in its fullness, When we dance all us, in full acceptance, and love. Something magical can happen. Like a standing wave. A pure creative masterpiece that is vibrating so intensely it actually appears to be completely still.

Come Explore. Come Dance

Surround Circle Yoga (old ottawa south)
15-20$ donation
Friday April 19th
8:00pm – 9:30pm

15 Aylmer Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5G4

Surround Yoga


Cultures all around the planet have always used dance to journey into the sacred. To dance into the space of no mind and connection.
A way to move that which cannot be spoken.
Dance the story, Dance the Pain, Dance the Joy and come deeper into who we are.

Join us this Friday night. Because Its just SO FUN!
Be in community, Sweat, , Shake, explore, , Cry, Open, Shout, play, Sit, Still, Pray, Think, Cocoon, Go Wild, Express, Awaken,…. Dance this new year into your bones, muscles, nerves and cells.

DJ’d and Live Music and Crystal Bowls- Jeremy Sills
Facilitator – Naomi Athena

Tea and Gluten free treats to share after in Post Dance Bliss : )

No experience necessary
Everyone welcome!!

ARTISTIKA Love Art Party 14/02/2013

artistika2013_generalArtistika: Love Art Party

Here we go again. Its 2013. The world has not ended and what better way to celebrate then to celebrate Love!  Love will always guide you to where you are meant to be.

The Tribal Gathering has begun. Amazing Artists from all over Ottawa region will be sharing their gifts and we will be celebrating the artist in everyone. Yes you are a creative masterpiece. One of the most amazing and oldest parts of our nature as human beings is our ability to create art. Art is in its essence sacred, it is channeling creative energy into matter. This valentines day we will celebrate this on a day marked to celebrate Love.

A night of beauty, intention, love and art. An evening filled with Pure Magic we guarantee! Its going to be amazing!

Avoid the commercial and extreme pressures of valentines day, and come dance, paint and love the night away.

Amazing Live Music, Crystal Bowls, Theater and Dance Performances, Crazy Break Dancing, Poetry, Kissing Booth, Healing Massage Parlor, Face painting Stations,  Art Stations, Photo BOOTH, Yummy Food, wild DJ’s and a whole lot more.

A Wild Valentines Explosion!

Stay posted for schedule of Performance and Surprise Guests

Where ? Rideau Curling Club
Downtown Ottawa, ON

When ? February 14th
Doors Open at 7:00 pm

Changing woman ceremony

Changing Woman Ceremony  October 21st
Every year the women of the tribe, all in their different ages and stages, would gather and invite the changing woman into their lives. They would offer up the things that they wanted to leave behind, and offer up the things in their lives that they wanted to flourish or change. The woman would all witness and hold each other up so that changing woman could come and bring change into their lives for the better.
This will be taking place out at my house in wakefield. Please RSVP spaces limited.
This ceremony is amazing and something that I think all women should experience.
Where — my lovely home in the wakefield woods
Time 11-5:00
Offering or Ayni       35$

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance October 19 and November 2
Surround Circle Yoga. Class starts @ 8:00
15-20$ love Donation
Ecstatic dance is a term being used now around the world to describe the ancient form of trance dance. This dance is being used as a healing modality to investigate and uncover parts of the psyche through movement. Instead of talk therapy there are those of us who need dance therapy. To shake, jump, move and dance the story of our lives and come into the authentic self. An amazing way to connect and get grounded, be in community, work out and have fun.

ECSTATIC DANCE – with Naomi Athena & JAMS 28/09/2012

Through dance and movement we will explore our bodies and hearts. Uncover, release and remember. Our focus of this class is balance. Balance as we walk upon the mother. Balance in our relationships, balance in our work, balance as we dance life and its mysteries.

Surround Circle Yoga (old ottawa south)
15-20$ donation
Friday September 28th – 8:00pm – 9:30pm

15 Aylmer Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5G4

Celebrate Her ! – and the nominees are ….


From a very young age, Naomi demonstrated passion and wisdom for social issues. Naomi is a Doula, Dance Facilitator, Yoga teacher & Trained Mediator. She has had a love for art, dance and movement her entire life, and having only just experienced its potential as a healing modality in recent years, she is inspired to hold space for people to journey into their spirit and go deep into the body; to be in discovery.

A published children’s’ author, documentary film maker, and artist, Naomi served as Assistant Director for Peace Diviners International; an International NGO supporting grassroots social change initiatives using artistic creative mediums.  Over the Past two years she has been holding dance and movement retreats and workshops. In 2005, she started the Niyamah collective, a collective of artists devoted to using art as a medium for social change and spiritual awareness.

Spending the last five years working fairly intensively with Medicine people in South and North America, she has a deep love for the earth that she carries with her in all her work as she holds people in the womb. Read more about her journey…

Cancelled ! – 2nd SHOW ~ I Remember 24/02/2012

Sorry Friends – we have to let this show go – our cast has come down with a variety of health concerns and we simply cannot hold the space of “I Remember” for you on Friday – but as the saying goes …. “The Show must Go ON !” – and so it shall …we’ll keep you posted – thanks for all your amazing praise, feedback and for spreading the word – We Love You !
—–The Niyamah Collective


The Niyamah Collective presents : ”I Remember”

A Story of Empowerment, Healing, and Remembering. An Artistic Dance, Theater and Musical piece exploring what it means to be a human being.

A journey of overcoming Culture. Conditioning. Lies, Hopes and Fears.

Four stories will take you through the 4 directions of a Souls Revolution into the heart of magic.

Tuesday 7:00pm until 1:00am Artistika: LOVE ART Party February 14th. Tuesday. 7 pm - 1 am. Tickets $20 (at the door). Open bar (online preview) If you have seen one of the thousand posters that say I LOVE YOU. This is it! Its going to be AMAZING Come and enjoy a Radical beautiful Valentines day at the Love Art Party. Avoid the consumer commercialism and high pressure culture of Valentines day and come to a crazy love art party instead.... A celebration of the Artist in everyone. Music, live painters, Fire spinners, Kissing booths, Hip hop, massage lounge, Jazz, Folk, slam poetry, Interpretive Dance, crystal bowls, Drummers, Body Painting, Djs, Art, Painting stations, Food, Beer and a whole Lootta Love There will also be some catering from Essence Catering... Only the Best Chef in Ottawa Babysitter on site! pay an extra 15$ and your kids can nap upstairs and be chaperoned. We are making a cozy kids tent campout! 3 Jimmys - Jazz New language - duo music. Brad Morden Loh el The Owl Eyes Project: 10 - 11 pm. website ~ facebook fan page ~ Jeremy Sills and Naomi Athena - Crystal Bowls Niyamah Collective - Contemporary Experimental Dance/Theater 8th Generation Dance Tara Porter DJ OBSEDIAN Devin Johnstone-Thai Yoga massage Fire spinning group Ottawa Live Painters: Narmeen Hashim

I Remember
Theater, Dance, Music, & Good Beer !You do not want to miss this! It is going to be an amazing show !!The Niyamah collective :
A Peoples’ Theater. Exploring themes of the Earth; Social, Political, and Environmental Commentaries, and Spiritual: Realms. Using Art as a medium for transformation, we explore the uncomfortable, the hidden and the obvious. Our performance art pieces are in-your-face, experiential and interactive.Harnessing Theater, Dance, Music, and Colour to create a ceremonial story of the heart.

Life is a Ceremony