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From a very young age, Naomi demonstrated passion and wisdom for social issues. Naomi is a Doula, Dance Facilitator, Yoga teacher & Trained Mediator. She has had a love for art, dance and movement her entire life, and having only just experienced its potential as a healing modality in recent years, she is inspired to hold space for people to journey into their spirit and go deep into the body; to be in discovery.

A published children’s’ author, documentary film maker, and artist, Naomi served as Assistant Director for Peace Diviners International; an International NGO supporting grassroots social change initiatives using artistic creative mediums.  Over the Past two years she has been holding dance and movement retreats and workshops. In 2005, she started the Niyamah collective, a collective of artists devoted to using art as a medium for social change and spiritual awareness.  www.niyamahcollective.com

Spending the last five years working fairly intensively with Medicine people in South and North America, she has a deep love for the earth that she carries with her in all her work as she holds people in the womb. Read more about her journey…


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