Changing Woman Ceremony

Changing Woman -October 5th 2013   11am-4or5pm3

It is a hopi ceremony passed from my midwifery teacher, who served as a traditional midwife for the community. Every year the women of the tribe, all in their different ages and stages, would gather and invite the changing woman into their lives. They would offer up the things that they wanted to leave behind, and offer up the things in their lives that they wanted to flourish or change. The woman would all witness and hold each other up so that changing woman could come and bring change into their lives for the better. This is a magical ceremony and believe me when i say i have reaped the benefits of Changing Woman.We had a beautiful changing woman ceremony last year and now it is that time again to welcome her back into our lives. The morning we will share in yoga, Dance and Songs, Wet Felting Wool with Hannah Ranger, and Grandmother Francine will share some teachings on the Rites of Passage of Woman. Women are encouraged to bring birth stories, medicine stories or just a good joke! Wet Felting Dream Pouches! This is a divine practice and we are so blessed to have the lovely Hannah be with us and guide us through the spiritual lineage of wet felting connected to Mongolia. A practice that was always done in community and to music. We will felt little moon pouches for ourselves which we will fill with mugwort, a dreaming plant. Allowing these beautiful pouches to be infused with the love from the day, holding our dreams as we pass through the sleepy winter.

what to bring

Every Woman is to bring a gift of something meaningful for giveaway. This will then be placed on the giveaway altar for another women during the ceremony. It can be small or big,It can be simple or extravagant, but it needs to be something that is meaningful to you and that you are a little bit attached to. Be prepared to share the story and symbol behind the gift.

Intentions of what it is that you want changing woman to bring into your life. What you want to let go of and what you want to call in.  Be prepared to share this with the group. You can be as specific or vague as you like. Once changing woman has begun NO SMALL TALK allowed : ) During eating and breaks, we ask that women do not engage in too much small talk. If you want to talk and connect with sister please be mindful of what you are talking about and that it really come from your heart,  as all this influences the energy of ceremony. There is some good hopi food for thought in this one. : )  I personally am really bad for this especially seeing old friends and want to catch up. So we will have some designated to remind us. Or we can just go outside. : )

Warm Clothes incase you want to sit outside by the fire at the end of the night or go for a walk , Food to Share for a late Lunch ,Non Judgement and an Open Heart

Please arrive 15 minutes early, as we will try to start on time to make sure we have enough time for the day.

Ayni (quechua for exchange of energy) 35-40$ donation for the day or some form of offering and energy exchange

Where  The loving lake house( my home) in the woods of Wakefield area.

Please feel free to Pass this on to any women that you feel would benefit from this. All are welcome.  RSVP soon if you plan on coming as we are already filling up quick.

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