Buffalo Woman Mariposa by Isabel Bryna

Earth Elemental Healing

Earth Elemental Healing Offerings 

Buffalo Woman Mariposa by Isabel Bryna

Healing Session.

Massage,  Energy medicine, Sound healing, flower remedies  and  medicinal plant oils. (100$) 

Healing sessions are a weaving tapestry of different modalities from different traditions that have found themselves in my tool belt using principles of shamanism and indigenous wisdom.  I have come to be completely amazed by this work and i am continually humbled by it.

Using voice, breath, sound, energy medicine, and body work. Oils have been infused with Herbal remedies and flower essences. Sessions open and close with Prayer and Intention.  Working with the Plant spirits, the earth, the ancestors, the lineage, and the power of Love.

Depending on what arises, sessions are usually 1.5 to 2 hour sessions

Its encouraged to not have too much planned post session and allow for time for integration.

Transformational Coaching  

These Coaching sessions are for those of you who are looking to bring the spiritual into the physical. And supporting the vision that we each of us here for a reason. Each of us containing a particular gift that wants to move forward and be shared with humanity. One of the beautiful parts about coaching is its forward movement and grounding into the world.   A weaving of  magic, intention and practicality.  Sometimes all we need is someone to believe with us that which wants to birth. These Coaching sessions are for anyone who wants support in bringing ideas into reality.  Whether you are feeling stuck and just need some help in mapping out the practical steps that will bring you onto the path.  Or whether you need a listening ear to help you clarify what it is exactly that you want to call in, change transform or grow.  These sessions are also great for integration work after retreat with plant medicines and the deep process that often unfolds after ceremony and its teachingsSessions available via skype, Phone or in person.           (80$) 1 hour  session

Sound Healing Journeys

Sound Journeys using crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, chimes, bells, Song, chants, harmonies, intention and prayer. A sound healing meditation with the use of instruments such as the crystal and Tibetan bowls can quicken the process of entering into Alpha Brain states. Where altered states of consciousness allow for deep meditative states to take place.  In these Altered deep meditative states we are able to go into aspects of self reflection, connection, release, rest, rejuvenation and healing….  and go on a journey together. All sharing in the collective energy of sound and vibration.

Group Facilitation 
If you are interested in collaborating, hosting a workshop, A sound healing journey, a retreat, a ritual, a class or a training please be in touch. Otherwise simply stay connected via this website or email on offerings throughout Canadas East and West Coast and Peru.

2 thoughts on “Earth Elemental Healing”

  1. I cannot speak highly enough of the healing massage Naomi offers. It is physical, emotional and spiritual. My own experience was profound. For three months at the beginning of this year my quality of life was compromised by sciatica. It was almost impossible to sit. After just one session my condition was completely alleviated. She is quite extraordinary.

  2. Naomi.
    Your stories sound wonderful and your journey is inspiring. I need your help. I have suffered a tremendous loss in my life. 2 months ago my cat of 13 years departed my life. I feel empty. My mental health is suffering badly, my anxiety has sky rocketed and I’m having a lot of trouble managing day to day life without breaking down. I would love to meet with you as a form of healing and counselling. I need peace, healing, comfort and understanding during this difficult time. Thank you.

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