Magical Summer Events for MAY and JUNE

Ecstatic Dance: Masks
May 24

Exploring through movement the masks we wear. The Beautiful and the Ugly. Touching on tones of the ancient practice of the mask as a way to dive deep into Spirit, the mask representing a journey into the other world.

Surround Circle Yoga   — 8-10

Raven and the Light Tree
May 25

A sound Journey to crystal bowls, gongs, flute and enchanting voice led by Jeremy Sills and Naomi Athena              Free Concert -Yoga and Tea                      

Ecstatic Dance: The Creative Force:
May 31

Our movement practice devoted to awakening and listening to our creative self.
Surround Circle Yoga–8-10

Manifesting Magic Festival
June 7, 8, 9

Ecstatic Dance and Barefoot Boogie Community present:
Exploring our Evolving selves through the power of Dance
June 14

A Wild Night Of Dancing, With mini workshops through the night: Contact Dance. Yoga Dance. Movement Meditation. Elemental Dance and More! Exploring our Evolving selves through the power of Dance.Yummy Green Smoothies, Gluten Free Treats and Chocolate. Community Altar and much more. Chrichton Cultural Community Center 7-11

Pranashanti Yoga Summer Solstice Celebration
June 21 

A night of Ritual, Sound and Dance— Details coming soon.

Summer Solstice in the Woods Gathering
June 22

Raven and the Light tree CD Release and Dance Party
We will be celebrating the beauty of Summer Solstice out in the Wakefield Area. Come feel the sun on your back, jump in the lake and enjoy the powerful energy of Solstice. Beginning with a sound meditation, a sacred fire ritual and a dance party into the night.This will also be the CD release of our first albulm as Raven in the light tree. (aka Jeremy sills and Naomi Athena) Its going to be amazing!!!
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