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Women’s Wisdom and the Plant Nations

womens-plant-wisdom-workshopThis workshop is a weaving tapestry between North American teachings and South American teachings in the use of sacred plants and women’s mysteries and wisdom. Hosted in Richmond at the Davalon Healing Center & Horse Sanctuary. A beautiful day of  medicine, prayer, intention and sharing.

Most indigenous societies and ancient cultures around the planet had a deep interwoven relationship with the plant nations. Plants had many uses as they still do today. Women traditionally were the guardians and wisdom carriers and often served their communities using plant remedies for healing, health, and magic. There are many teachings that are woven into understanding and connecting with the plant nations. It is an important part of humanities history that has become lost. Working with the plant nations in your everyday life can bring balance and nourishment in all aspects of our being. Many of the women’s teachings that were hidden for a long time, are now resurfacing around the planet. It is a very important time now for women and an important time for women to be connected with the earth directly. Rituals, ceremonies and working with the elemental nations can restore health and well-being for our bodies and spirits.

This day will focus on connecting with the subtle energy and spirit of the plants and, and awakening a dialogue that you can bring into your everyday.A day to sit in a circle of women and deepen your relationship with the lands and the spirits of the lands that you walk upon everyday.  During this beautiful day we will be making Traditional Amazonian pusangas or spirit Perfumes, Water Infusions and Prayers with women’s herbs,  creating medicinal plant salves. We will explore Song and the language of the plants. Teachings around four sacred North American medicines, sweet grass, sage, tobacco, and cedar. Water teachings and the interwoven relationship between women, the womb and water,  Working with seeds and our DNA. and even More! : )  Beginning and Ending in ceremony, we welcome all sisters who feel to join us. 



Location  : Davalon Stables 2824 Goodstown Rd, Richmond ON
AYni or energy exchange : 80$
Date :Sunday May 1st 2016
Time: 10-4pm

Please bring a contribution for the Potluck Lunch

Naomi Athena

naomi_athena_black_whiteNaomi has been studying natural healing, forms of shamanism for the last 9 years. She has been studying traditional Amazonian plant medicine for the past 6 years with healers and medicine people in Peru where she has been living for the last years. She now runs earth elemental healing, a natural healing and body work practice that has supported many people on their life journey. She also facilitates classes, workshops, rituals, ceremonies and women’s work. Last year she co-founded Tree of light retreats, running traditional Ayahuasca journeys for women with grandmother Shipiba healers in Peru. Naomi was Raised in the Philippine Islands, her early years were spent living in a hut, gathering shellfish at new moon and learned early on, that the best way to sleep was on a bamboo mat on the floor. Here she began her deep conversation the elements and her own intuition. Among other things, She is a doula, yoga teacher, artist, coach, herbalist in training and the mother of two beautiful children. She carries a deep love for the earth and its wisdom in all she does, and is deeply devoted to the healing and evolution of humanity.

Davalon Farms and Danielle

DAVALON-horse-trailDanielle is a Metis woman who has been on a beautiful healing journey reconciling her lineage within a modern world. She is the keeper and protector of 100 acres of land and all the creatures and plants of Davalon. Danielle has been blessed by the friendships and teachings from a grandmothers circle comprised of elders from the Northern Cree, the Algonquin and the Ojibwa nations. She has also sought out Mother Earth knowledge from her Celtic roots. Danielle’s greatest guides are the horses. She is E.A.G.A.L.A. certified and is certified in Aromatouch massage which incorporates the healing plant medicine into the physical, mental and emotional bodies. She is also an advanced crystal healing practitioner, which you can feel when you enter into her cave of crystals healing room on the lands. She birthed the vision of Davalon farms. A healing center that melds a deep love of horses and a connection to the land and her native roots. Davalon serves as a haven for all living creatures. It is a refuge for many people in need of uniting and healing with mother earth, through the spirit of horses, the shelter of trees and the warmth of the sun.

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