Sound Healing

The word sound healing in some ways feels limiting to what it actually is. There is a science of study that encompasses incredible information on what ancient people have always known.  In the shamanic lineages i have been blessed to study with, you learn quickly that every sound has the ability to transform and move energy very effectively.  Certain vibrations call certain spirits, certain energies and frequencies. Certain songs, are for love and healing, while others are for clearing and release.

I have been studying sound healing in its oldest form. My medicine apprenticeship has been a deep immersion in this ancient tool. And it is a modality that is re emerging as ancient wisdom births itself again on this planet.

Resonating with the metaphor of the hollow flute, being played by God herself.  Sound healing in its essence is deeply rooted in shamanic principles and its ability to move people into altered states of consciousness with intention in order for healing and transformation to take place.  It is a truly beautiful modality that can be embodied in so many different ways.

If you want to work with me in the realm of sound healing, i would love to work with you!

Sessions available

-One on One shamanic sound sessions

-Clearing Spaces, homes or office space

Womb and Breast Clearing for women.

Activating and Opening the channels



Available via Facilitation, Workshops, Retreats, Trainings and One on one sessions or skype.




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