• Carole Luz Trepanier   January 19, 2016

     five-stars Power Woman

    Naomi has been instrumental to my personal healing journey. In her grounded, nurturing way, she has held sacred space, invoked spirit, gathered the women, sung to the bones, guided journeys, voiced her heart, unearthed the depths, birthed the new, and seen through-and-through. I am ever-grateful for her wise and loving offering. Highly recommended.

  • Christian Schmiedel   January 15, 2016

     five-stars Dedicated Spirit

    I have known Naomi and her family for many years now and very much admire the congruency between their ideals and the life-path they have chosen to create for themselves. I have been to many events and some ceremonies hosted by Naomi and Jeremy and have always come back with a better sense of my own definition and place in the world. Naomi is a healer whose kindness, dedication and reverence for Spirit and our Earth-Mother are evident at first glance. Many have been the occasions where I have felt gratitude for the gifts she shares so freely and wisely. Medicine Woman is she… dedicated to the healing and harmony of all her relations. Blessed are those who are fortunate enough to work with her.

  • Lynn MacDonald   January 14, 2016

     five-stars Naomi is a shining light and a gentle spirit

    Naomi is a wonderful guide for healing and wholeness. She brings her authentic nature with all of her own healing experiences to each interaction and we are left feeling supported and nurtured on our own paths. Working with Naomi, I was able to connect with a deep healing part of myself and I was able to tap into my own inner wisdom. Thank you so much Naomi. I would recommend joining any retreat or healing experience where Naomi is facilitating. You will be in amazing hands.

  • Robyn Brehaut   January 13, 2016

     five-stars Soul Sister

    I worked with Naomi in ceremony this past year, and was aware of the strength and magic she holds through her heart and voice. She walks in integrity both in this world and the spirit world. She holds a strong protective container for those under her watch in ceremony. Naomi is following her heart path offering this work, and is dedicated to tradition but also to her own soul’s wisdom that has come here at this time for all of us who are called to work with her. Naomi has a pure heart and this comes through her work in a beautiful way. I would recommend her to anyone searching for a loving, accepting, safe space to dive into their deep inner work.

  • Mary Stavrou   January 13, 2016

     five-stars An Old and Wise Soul in a Young Body

    I have enjoyed two retreats with Naomi. The type of spiritual retreats that Naomi guides you through are not for the faint of heart. If you are going to be guided you must know deeply in your heart you can trust your guide. Naomi is that person for me. She is a soft and loving and yet strong and firm. She resonates Mother essence. I trust her implicitly to guide me through the experiences for the highest good of my soul. Each experience, through her guidance/presence, has deepened my connection to myself, higher self and nature. I am extremely grateful for all she has done for me. I look forward to the retreats she brings to our community. Even as I read these words, they seem inadequate to communicate how deeply she has touched me. Thank you so much Naomi….

  • Lesley Cochran-Hulcoop  April 9, 2015
     five-stars Inner Revelations

    I have worked with Naomi in a sacred women’s ceremony as well as one on one in healing sessions and I just love her and her beautiful loving energy! Naomi inspires me to be more in all that I do but to honour myself as a woman. I am sure the work with her in Peru will be life changing for anyone that decides to take this journey! It is such an honour to have connected with Naomi this lifetime and to be a part of all that she creates. She has so much wisdom and compassion to offer the world – I can’t wait to see where her path leads her next!

  • Carolyn Ranger   March 26, 2015

     five-stars precious gem

    I first met Naomi over a year ago when I was feeling unwell. A common friend had referred me for a massage. I did not know I was in for such a treat. It turned out to be much more than I had expected. From the very beginning, she demonstrated compassion and listening skills which immediately put me at ease. She proceed with a thorough treatment during which she sang. I was shocked, her voice and songs were so soothing. She was careful and considerate and even played in my hair, I felt nurtured, in good hands. I am so grateful for meeting Naomi. Of course, I wanted to see her again. Luckily, I did and I discovered a very generous and knowledgeable woman. Since I was going to South America to pursue my search for alternative therapies, she referred me to a shaman from whom she had been learning for some time. He spoke very highly of Naomi. Thanks to her support, I had an unforgettable experience in Peru. Upon returning home, I was eager to connect again. She hosted a changing woman ceremony to which I participated. Prior to the event, she maintained harmonious correspondence with the participants. The day was well planned and filled with activities tailored to the group and appropriate to its intention. I felt very comfortable and safe in the space she had created although I did not know anyone else. By the end of the day, this inspiring group of women came together to form a tender sister hood. Her devotion to healing arts proved to be outstanding although she is humble about her extensive learning journey. On another occasion, I attended an Ecstatic dance event that she was hosting. Her positive energy and enthusiasm were contagious. Again, she was able to create a safe space in which I was able to let go and feel relaxed. Her contributions to the community are greatly appreciated and very inspiring. Naomi is an incredible facilitator and truly dedicated to helping others. I can’t wait for the privilege to share space with her again. I know in my heart and deep in my soul, that she has played an important role in my recuperation and healing. I am forever grateful.

  • Saira Monica   March 16, 2015

     five-stars Naomi is a shining light

    Taking a retreat with Naomi is an uplifting experience. She will take you on a journey into the heart of who you are, where you will find strength, courage, and wisdom. Naomi is a highly intuitive woman. She cares deeply, helping to illuminate the path for those who choose to walk with her. I look forward to joining her in ceremony again soon.

  • Zoe Guzman   March 15, 2015

     five-stars Amazing Retreats!

    I’ve been blessed to be a part of several of Naomi Athena’s retreats. Naomi has the ability to create a sacred and safe space. Each retreat I’ve been to I found tremendous healing and transformation. The facilitation and step by step process allowed me to go to new found depths. I highly recommend any retreat Naomi has to offer. I also had the privilege of receiving a massage by Naomi Athena. She is skilled with her hands and has trained extensively to understand the body. Her massages are full of medicine songs making them incredibly potent. I’ve left feeling a million times lighter. 5 stars for sure!!

  • Christina Masotti   March 03, 2015

     five-stars Getting to Know a Shining Star

    I am happy to share here my experiences with Naomi, both as a person and as a leader in Ceremony. I have engaged in Ceremony within community for many many years, so I know when the space and people are cared for and regarded as sacred. Working and getting to know Naomi over the last couple years has been wonderful. Sign of the changing times where the sacred feminine and their innate gifts are emerging once again for all to learn and heal by. What the world needs are authentic, wise, and gentle leaders of ceremony, and Naomi fits this bill 100%. She holds space, ceremony, and wisdom as well as any I have had the honor to sit with. Blessings Naomi and all who are graced to work with her through this journey call life.

  • Craolyn LaWl   March 02, 2015

     five-starsHealing Hands 🙂

    How to begin describing Naomi? She is a beautiful, kind, generous woman who seeks only to walk with healing footsteps across this earth’s journey. I have known Naomi for many years and have been touched by her spirit’s powerful healing nature. There was one time I could barely move around or bend over without feeling such awful back pain and without asking me for anything, she asked if she could help me. She sang her beautiful soothing songs and used her magical hands to move some of the pain out of my back. I became functional again that day after days of suffering. This is but one account of the many times I have thereafter seeked to receive her help, from counselling to physical ailments; she has an all round holistic approach to healing and does her best to offer you what you need with a fair exchange. Naomi has helped transform my way of seeing the world for the better and has activated positive growth in many lives. I am so blessed that our paths have crossed and grateful to her in so many ways. May your paths cross as well! 🙂

  • Ed Simon   February 26, 2015

     five-starsA truly gifted inspirational healer

    I have had the blessing of knowing Naomi several years – and though I have been to many of her events over that time, I am struck by what incredibly strong, wonderful memories I have of ones that happened even years ago. And in one-to-one sessions, her clarity and spiritual insight is unmistakable. Naomi is truly gifted healer, musician, muse, advisor, and nurturer; I feel so fortunate to know this infinitely generous and loving person. In all her deeds, she exhibits so much remarkable drive and inspiration; spending time with her is a delight one will always treasure.

  • Alexandra   February 26, 2015

     five-stars A wise woman

    I have sat in ceremonies and events that Naomi Athena has hosted, facilitated or organized, many, many times now. Each time is as transformative as the last and I always walk away grateful and filled with life again. I find Naomi has a gift for intuiting the direction and creating the space needed for the people that show up. Her medicine, skill, knowledge and presence are very unique and down to earth. You will find a strong, loving and humble woman, walking this ancient path that we all are walking, and filling her medicine bag to share with those around her. I appreciate her guidance and direction in ceremony, as well as the ample room she leaves for my own wisdom and healing to arrive. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her and to know that I can always come back to sit in ceremony with her and remember the beauty of life again.

  • Steven Daniluk   February 25, 2015

     five-stars Authentic Magic

    Naomi Athena possesses an innate power and depth of spirit. In a world flooded by ‘eager to lead’ organizers her extent and earnestness of development is both deeply comforting and inspirational. Naomi has invoked several fundamental developments within me, in both ceremony and waking life. If there is ever a chance to draw from this authentic spiritual guild and medicine woman I would highly recommend you seize the opportunity.

  • Tahtianna   February 25, 2015

     five-stars Mother to all

    Naomi Athena is a brilliant Light in this world. I am truly blessed to be held and supported on my journey by her love and wisdom. Naomi is a gifted and talented healer who brings a deep sense of benevolent love to all as she facilitates one’s own inner healing. She sings like an angel, has a mega-watt smile, and knows how to laugh and forgive. She helped me find my voice, my integrity, and my passion. She sees people for who they really are inside, and honours one’s inner spirit. She has been my teacher for many years, and for that, I am extremely grateful. If you ever feel called to sit in ceremony or receive a healing massage with her, you are in for a treat. May the Great Spirit bless all you beautiful souls. Thank you Naomi for bringing all that you bring to this planet!

  • Amanda Porter   February 20, 2015

     five-stars a beautiful heart

    “In all she touches, Naomi continues to leave one with a deep sense of groundedness, caring and creativity – a breath of fresh air, just when you need one. Her love and admiration for all of life is truly a prize.” – A. Porter

  • Juan Escobar   February 11, 2015

     five-stars A Natural Healer

    What you are first struck by when you meet Naomi, is her incandescent smile. It is genuine and comes from her heart. It is an outward reflection of her love, caring and desire to be of service to anyone in need, and to the larger project of healing and making this world a slightly better place. I have had the good fortune to be in dieta with her, and have seen first hand her dedication to the medicine and her deep love and dedication to the sometimes challenging work that this path can entail. She is a true wise-woman, who brings her own unique blend of caring, grace, humor and wit to the work of healing and personal transformation. Count yourself blessed if you ever have a chance to work with her:)

  • Mai Young   August 15, 2013

    five-stars Extraordinary

    I cannot speak highly enough of the healing massage Naomi offers. It is physical, emotional and spiritual. My own experience was profound. For three months at the beginning of this year my quality of life was compromised by sciatica. It was almost impossible to sit. After just one session my condition was completely alleviated. She is quite extraordinary.

  • Celestyne Group  March 25, 2013

    five-stars Naomi has a Transcendent Voice
  • Patrick John Mills   March 2, 2012

    five-stars A Beautiful Human Being

    Naomi has such a pure, loving heart, sunshine spirit. Few people in my life welcome others with such love and openness. She is a beautiful human being.

  • Anonymous  February 14, 2012

    five-stars Extraordinary!

I cannot speak highly enough of the healing massage Naomi offers. It is physical, emotional and spiritual. My own experience was profound. For three months at the beginning of this year my quality of life was compromised by sciatica. It was almost impossible to sit. After just one session my condition was completely alleviated and i was able to walk without pain. 6 months later i am still well. She is quite extraordinary.

  • Darlene P.  February 11, 2012
five-stars A Gifted Healer

I just wanted to thank you for another wonderful session on Sunday. I felt so much better afterward. I could breathe through my diaphragm again. my energy didn’t feel stuck anymore. You are a truly gifted healer.

  • J.M. Meunier  February 4, 2012

    five-stars I feel Love

I just wanted to say sometimes it doesn’t take much to change something in someone’s life and after meeting you, all of a sudden I feel loved, not that I did not before but something happened where it feels OK now to feel love. And I can now bend my knees without falling!

  • B. Mor  January 17, 2012

    five-stars Healing Gifts

Since our session i have done some more work releasing the feelings I’m having around my mother.. the feelings are mostly profound sadness and loss. i can feel the healing. I am so happy to have met you…. you have tremendous healing gifts Naomi!

  • Anonymous  January 14, 2012

    five-stars Thank you

Your healing has helped me turn a corner… Pain is soooo much improved … Many thanks

  • Anonymous  January 11, 2012

    five-stars Magic

What can i say. I was feeling terrible, and now i feel wonderful You are Magic

  • Tanya N.  January 8, 2012

    five-stars Incredible

The session my daughter and i had with Naomi was incredibly healing and transformative. We both have felt the incredible benefits in our life since. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • Brianna   January 17, 2016

     five-stars Full Circle

    I signed up for this women’s retreat without the slightest knowledge of why I was going… even as I flew to Peru I was trying to write in my journal to seek an answer of why but nothing came out just a drawing…..as it turns out it was as if I was flying home to a home I never new existed. The kind of home you know is out there but don’t know how to find it. Carolina and Naomi, along with our maestra Manuela provided a home for 10 days that allowed for an unfolding of personal truth and a remembering of inner knowledge that can only be discovered, I believe, through this process. I am back now 2 months to the day, and every day I am reminded of something that helps my journey and brings clarity. While I will say some days I don’t want to see it, I know it’s been offered as a gift and it requires my attention. I have spent many years in many different practices of meditation and retreat settings. This was by far the most powerful. It does require a great deal of yourself to show up and be really ready to do the work it takes…..I just started to understand that as the retreat was coming to a close and I hope that in my follow up visit with Tree of Light Retreats in May I can start from a place of deeper humility and openness with the intention of coming full circle on some things that were just starting to arise. The ripple effect that this experience had on many people in my life already has been a testament in itself to honoring this medicine and the sacred and cherished way Carolina and Naomi approach this healing method for all who come to visit them. It is an extremely safe and nourishing environment made to allow for your journey to be fully realized. I am deeply grateful for this retreat and them and my life. My heart have been opened in a way unimaginable.

  • Ian N.  January 4, 2012

    five-stars A Happy Heart
Thank you for the massage today with singing and sounding. I have meditated twice since and my heart is happy.

Life is a Ceremony